Choosing your new fence doesn't have to be complicated.

This guide will help you navigate those decisions and understand your options!

Consider Why You Need a Fence

The most common reasons people find themselves looking to purchase a fence are:

  • Moving in a new house
  • Building a house
  • Installing a pool
  • Additional privacy/better security
  • Adopting furry family members

Choose Your Fence Material

There are five types of materials used for fence: chain link, wood, PVC, aluminum, and steel.

Each of these materials has primary advantages and disadvantages:

Unless you want a full privacy fence, aluminum ornamental fences offer a better cost to benefit ratio than other fencing materials. A Jerith fence will last longer (ours is Guaranteed for Life), look better over time and remain maintenance-free.

Choose Your Height

The height of the fence is determined by the reason you need a fence and your local building codes.

For Privacy/Security

Choose a fence at least six feet high, so passers-by cannot look over the fence. A height less than six feet tall also makes it very easy for an adult to climb over the fence and enter your property.

For Pools

Building codes usually have minimum height restrictions to prevent young children from gaining unauthorized access to the pool area. In general, these codes require at least a 48” tall fence with 45” between rails and less than 4” between pickets for an ornamental fence. Our most popular pool fences are actually 54” tall, but we offer styles that can meet most pool codes in 48”, 54”, 57” and 60” heights. Learn more about our pool fence here.

For Decoration

Many homeowners prefer a shorter fence for their yard when the purpose is for decoration. A 36”, 42”, or 48” height is most common for this application. Shrubs and bushes may grow taller than this to allow the fence to serve as an attractive element in your garden.

For Pets

A 48” high is the minimum recommended height if you have pets. However, many large dogs can jump over a fence this short. In that case we recommend 60” or taller. For very small dogs, the height is not as important as the spacing between the vertical pickets. If they are too far apart, your dog may be able to squeeze through the fence. We offer puppy panel fence that reduces the picket spacing for small dogs. Learn more about our pet fence options here.

Choose Your Fence Grade

We offer three primary fence grades at Jerith. The primary difference is the picket size and thickness of aluminum. The larger the picket and the thicker the aluminum, the more robust fence system.

  1. Residential – This is the lightest and most cost effective aluminum fence, and it is perfectly suited for most home applications.
  2. Commercial – This is a medium weight fence and is visually more robust that residential. It is a popular choice for golf courses and is sometimes used at large residential estates.
  3. Industrial – This is our heavy-duty fence, and it is ideally used for high traffic areas, commercial swimming pools, and security applications for businesses.

Choose Your Style