What Questions Can We Answer For You?

Purchasing Jerith Fence

I am a homeowner or business owner. How can I buy Jerith fence?

We have a database full of reputable contractors across the U.S. ready to provide you with the knowledge and service you need when purchasing a Jerith fence. Use our Contractor Locator to find a contractor near you.

How do I get a replacement part?

Please contact your local fence contractor for replacement parts.  Use our Contractor Locator to find a contractor near you.

Do you also sell gates?

We manufacture gates to match the fence style of your choosing! Please contact your local contractor for more details on gate options.


Choosing Fence for Specific Situations

How do I choose the right fence height and style?

We created a guide to help you navigate these fence options! Read it here.

I have an existing Jerith fence. Is there a way to keep my small dog / puppy in the yard without replacing my Jerith fence?

Yes, there is! Our SafetyPup Mesh Panel attaches to the inside of Jerith fences and fits into our standard post spacing. Once your puppy grows too large to squeeze through the fence pickets, the SafetyPup Mesh panels can be removed. You can even reuse them with a new puppy!

Do you have fence that meets the IRC/ICC/BOCA code for swimming pool enclosures?

Absolutely! Check out the details on our pool fence page here.


Installation and Usage Questions

What if I want to install the fence myself?

We highly recommend that you use a certified contractor to ensure proper installation. However if you would like to install yourself, please refer to our list of online retailers. Most of them offer the full line of Jerith Aluminum Fence products on their website.

Can the fence curve?

If your fence line bends, the sections can easily be angled in the posts to follow most curves. The sections themselves cannot be bent without ruining their structural integrity.

Can the fence follow a downhill slope?

In the fence industry, we call this raking or racking. Most of our standard aluminum fence sections can follow slopes. Ask your contractor about racking your fence, if you have slopes or hills in your yard.

Can the fence attach to brick columns or the side of my house/business?

Yes, they can! Ask your local contractor about attaching your fence in this way.

Can the fence mount on a patio/deck?

Yes, please contact your local fence contractor for more information.

Can I use these products as railings?

Our fences are not designed to be used as railings.