Jerith Aero

1 x 5/8" Picket | Ornamental Aluminum | Rounded Edges

Jerith Aero Aluminum Fence (previously Delgard) design is truly unique among aluminum fences because of the rounded edges found on all of the components. This little change creates a sleek, modern look that is distinctive, yet subtle. The parts used in Aero Fences are actually larger than other residential fences, however the rounded corners soften the appearance to keep it from looking out of place in a residential setting

Specification Quick Look

Pickets: 1" x 5/8" x .050" thick

Space Between Pickets: 3 31/32" standard

Rails: 1 1/8" x .060" thick (top wall) / 1 1/2" x .070" thick (side wall)

Posts: 2 1/2" sq x .075" thick

Gate Posts: 2 1/2" sq x .125" thick

Heights: 48", 54", 60" & 72"

Product Options

Fence Styles

Avalon Coventry
Elba Doria


Bronze Color Sample

White Color Sample

Finials & Adornments
Imperial Finial Victorian Finials Majestic Finials
Imperial Victorian Majestic
SS-1 Scroll  
SS-1 Scroll Rings  

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Gate Hardware Options

Jerith offers several options for gate hardware to go with you new Jerith aluminum gate.

  • Drop Rod - 30" or 48"
  • Gravity Latch
  • Ever-Latch
  • Magna Latch - 10" or 20"
  • Lokk Latch Magnetic