Purchasing and Installing Jerith Fence

I’m a homeowner. How can I buy Jerith fence?

We have an extensive network of independent contractors that sell and install our products. Use our Dealer Locator to find the dealer closest to you.

I’m a contractor and need a fence quickly. What can I do?

We ship almost every Jerith aluminum fence style in less than two weeks! Large industrial gates (including cantilevers) may take longer if we do not have them in stock. Fences that are coated white or green may take a few days longer as well. Contact our team for more information.

Where can I find installation instructions?

Click here for the full installation instructions for Jerith Aluminum Fence.

Click here for the full installation instructions for Patriot Fence.

What if I want to install the fence myself?

View the list online retailers of Jerith products here. Most of them offer the full line of Jerith Aluminum Fence products on their website.


Questions About Jerith Fence

Can the fence curve?

CP6-RGOVAH48-curveIf your fence line bends, the sections can easily be angled in the posts to follow most curves. For a very tight curve, just cut the sections in half and put another post between the two sections. The sections themselves can not be bent without ruining their structural integrity however.

Can the fence follow a downhill slope?

CP2-RS200A48-slopeMost of our standard aluminum fence sections can follow the contour of the ground. This is called either raking or racking. The fences using hidden fasteners can drop about 20” over the 6′ length of a section. The screwed sections can only drop about 12” over their 6’ length (or 18” for Aero which is about 8’ long). Patriot Fence cannot rake at all, while the SP Designs can only rake about 6 inches over their length.

I have an existing Jerith fence with about a 4” space between the pickets. Is there a way to keep my small dog / puppy in the yard without replacing my Jerith fence?

Pups like Doyle can't squeeze through Jerith's SafetyPup Mesh!

Pups like Doyle can’t squeeze through or climb over Jerith’s SafetyPup Mesh.

Yes, there is! Our SafetyPup Mesh Panel attaches to the inside of Jerith fences and fits into our standard post spacing. It is constructed from sturdy 9 gauge galvanized wires that are powder coated with a black finish after welding. The vertical wires are spaced 1¾” apart using horizontal stiffeners to keep a small dog’s head from poking through the mesh.

The standard 24” high  x 70½” wide panel works perfectly with our Residential, Liberty, Regency, or Ovation products, and is less expensive than our narrow-spaced specialty (SP) fence designs. Once your puppy gets big enough that he can’t squeeze between the pickets on the primary fence, then the SafetyPup Mesh panels can simply be removed. They can even be reused in the future for a new puppy!

What is the post spacing, standard colors or heights?

For full details see our Specification Chart.

Are custom colors available?

No, they are not.

How are the sections assembled?

Our Residential and Regency sections are assembled using hidden stainless steel clips as fasteners. Aero, Liberty, American Series, and Industrial all use stainless steel screws painted to match the fence’s color to attach the pickets to the rails.

What size gates are available?

We have matching gates for every type of Jerith fence. Our standard aluminum swing gates are made to fit 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′ openings as a single gate (or 6′, 8′, 10′, and 12′ as double gates). We can also manufacture a matching gate to fit any specific opening you have for an additional charge up to 72″ wide. If you need something larger, Industrial swing gates can be made up to 15′ wide for a single gate (30′ double gate), and Industrial cantilever slide gates can be made to span up to a 22′ opening (44′ double gate). Patriot gates are cut in the field and can be made up to 72″ wide.

What fences meet the IRC/ICC/BOCA code for swimming pool enclosures?

Full details can be seen on our pool page.

Can the fence attach to brick columns or the side of my house?

wallmount1and2Yes, we have wall mount castings that allow the fence sections to connect to any flat surface. These fit over the ends of the rails and attach to the flat surface with two screws. We also have adjustable wall mounts if you need to come off the flat surface at an angle up to 45 degrees.

How far apart should I space my columns so the sections will be evenly spaced?

The distance between columns is the standard post spacing multiplied by the number of sections you want between the columns, less the width of one post. For example, for three Patriot sections between columns, 3 sections times 72″ (the standard post spacing) minus 2″ for the post, equals 214″ (17′-10″) between columns, not 18′ as you might expect.

Can the fence mount on a patio/deck?

To fasten a post onto a concrete slab, we recommend that you core-drill the concrete if at all possible. We do offer deck mount castings, however, they should not be used on fences over 48″ tall.

How do I get a replacement part?

If you just need a part or two, then contact our Customer Service Department at 800-344-2242 from 8AM – 4:30PM Monday through Friday. For larger repairs, contact your installer or one of the online retailers listed above.

Can I use these products as railings?

Our fences are not designed to be used as railings and we will not warrant their use as a railing.