FenceCoat® – Jerith Powder Coated Finish

 FencCoat® – Jerith’s Powder Coated Finish

Jerith’s technologically-advanced powder coating system allows us to produce a high quality, long-lasting finish which is also environmentally friendly. When applied to a Jerith fence, FencCoat™ is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic (or “wet paint”) finish. Consequently, it is far more durable, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant than other coatings, including the powder coatings used by our competitors.

To prove the durability of our powder coating, we have tested it extensively. FencCoat endured 3,000 hours of harsh salt-spray and humidity resistance, as well as 5 years of continuous exposure in Florida without failure. Similar tests performed on other aluminum and steel fences have shown that their coatings can’t survive even 2,000 hours of salt-spray and humidity testing, and their finishes fade dramatically after just 1 year of Florida exposure.

Remember, any fence can look good when it is first installed, but the true test of a quality finish is how it holds up over time. Many of the photos on our site show installations that are several years old, yet the Jerith fence in them still looks like new. We are so confident in our FencCoat finish that we guarantee that it will last for as long as you own your fence. While others may guarantee their fence finish as well, the superiority of our coating over theirs will be obvious after a year or so.