Looking for Delgard Premier Aluminum Fencing?

If you are looking for Delgard products to match your existing fence, you’ve come to the right place! On October 26, 2012, Jerith purchased most of the assets related to Delgard Premier Aluminum Fencing from Delair LLC. Due to our proximity to their location, we moved Delgard’s production across the Delaware River to our 440,000 square foot plant in Philadelphia. Delgard Fence was offered in 5 different grades. Three of these were very similar to Jerith products and have been integrated into our standard Residential, Regency, and Industrial products. The two other grades, Aero and American Series, now offer additional choices to our customers. Both of these fence lines use a unique 1” x 5/8” rectangular picket. If you are looking to match your Delgard Fence with the current Jerith styles, here are some caveats to keep in mind:

  1.  While our black powder coating matches Delgard’s black paint perfectly, our other colors (white, green, and bronze) will vary from previous Delgard colors. After a few years of outdoor exposure, even an exact color match would look noticeably different so this may not be too important to you. Sandstone is no longer available as a color option.
  2. When matching an existing Delgard fence, the rail spacing for a particular style may be different than Jerith’s standard spacing. Make sure you let us know that you want to match a Delgard style so we can send the parts that will match your current fence.
  3. For Delgard Residential and Industrial Fences, the Avalon style matches Jerith’s Style #101 and Elba is the same as Style #202. These styles are an exact match. Barcelona and Doria are similar to Jerith’s Style #100 and #200 respectively, however Jerith products start and end with a short picket rather than a long one. An exact match is not available for these Delgard styles any longer.
  4. Aero spacing is unchanged from before and the style names have remained the same as well. American Series uses the same names, but the spacing has been changed to match our Residential fences.

Have a Delgard Fence Warranty Issue?

Jerith is not responsible for any warranty claims on Delgard material that was purchased before October 26, 2012. Please contact Delair LLC at 8600 River Road, Delair, NJ 08110 for warranty claims. You CANNOT contact them via email, phone or fax. For orders placed after this date, the Jerith Limited Lifetime Warranty will apply to your fence products.